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Deborah Leath the founding director of Clothing Solutions has an extensive nursing background. She had worked for many years as an enrolled nurse in both Canterbury and Auckland before graduating as a Registered Nurse.
She subsequently returned to Canterbury and worked in various positions before taking up a management role in a dementia care rest home facility in Christchurch. In 2002, Deborah and her husband Morgan established Quick Solutions Ltd to provide nursing care services throughout public and private hospitals, rest homes, community and homecare facilities for both the elderly and disability sectors.

This business has gone from strength to strength and is now a well respected key player in the provision of elderly and disability care.

“It was through these combined interventions, we realised a need to provide appropriately tailored garments to meet the individual needs of the elderly or physically challenged. Through an additional background in the apparel industry, our desire to fuse fashion with dignity lead us on the challenging path to create innovative design concepts into our garment specifications. Through extensive product research & development and accepting nothing but perfection in functionality, comfort and style we successfully created a range of garments that exceeded the expectations of our clients, their families and care providers.
An emphasis has also been placed onto the age appropriateness of our garment designs ensuring our younger clients are dressed in alliance with their peers. The benefits in our garments key design features are numerous. Our garments also improve incumbent safety issues to both the patients and caregivers alike. They reduce the risk of patient skin tears whilst dressing and can reduce the risk of injury to caregivers whilst dressing physically challenged patients.
The outcome also delivers improvement in dressing time and toileting efficiencies.

We have also uniquely provided the opportunity for individual clients to incorporate their own fabric choices into specific areas of the garment personalising their individuality and providing a sense of independence in clothing choice.

Our garments are exceptional in areas of care such as disabilities, special needs, intellectual handicapped (IHC), cerebrovascular accident (CVA), hemiplegia, stroke, hospice, palliative care, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal injury, paraplegic, quadriplegic and tetraplegic, amputees, hospital care, rest home care, independent and assisted living. They not only provide added style and dignity to the client, the garment design also encourages independence in many cases. Our garment range includes men’s shirts, ladies shirt frocks, ladies night dresses, men’s night shirts and bodysuits. For the clients requiring assisted living, our garments provide a superior level of ease, comfort and safety in patient management.”

Deborah Leath

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